Cold Plunge and Shower

In between sauna sessions, why not cool down in the traditional Finnish way by immersing yourself in cold water?

For hundreds of years, Finns have been diving into a hole in the nearest frozen lake before returning to the sauna to enjoy the benefits of combining heat exposure with the cold plunge effect. Today we can recreate this with a Bucket Shower, Plunge Tub or Schwallbrause. We know that heating and cooling the body in this way can lead to a general feeling of wellness and a number of health benefits including further improving circulation, muscle relaxation/recovery and reduction in inflammation, hypertension, and arthritic symptoms.


Bucket Shower 


Made from fabulous Kambala Wood, TyloHelo's infamous 29 litre bucket shower can be used both indoors or outdoors. It features a very comfortable wide water downpour with easy to dispense water flow and is hand operated using a heavy white rope fastened to the bucket as a centred loop.

Bucket shower


Kambala Cold Plunge Tub

Cold Plunge Tub


This sturdy Kambala Plunge Tub features a fixed inside step and movable ladder to enable easy access. The perfect size for full-body cold water immersion before returning to your sauna session.


An outdoor version, with cover, is available for garden sauna bathing.  




Dousing showers are the perfect way to cool off after a sauna session. This specially designed flood shower allows cold water to fall onto the body without pressure in a wide, fan-shaped jet.  This promotes blood circulation, is good for the skin and strengthens the defenses of the immune system. 

Schwallbrause Dousing Shower



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