Oxygen Ionizer

The latest wellness concept -  based on the combination of brine and highly concentrated, ionized oxygen in enclosed spaces.


Oxygen is the key substance for all processes in the body. Those who breathe deeply and exercise a lot in the fresh air have already had this experience themselves. This effect can now be achieved at home. TyloHelo offers high-performance concentrators which enrich the air we breathe with valuable oxygen molecules and can increase the oxygen content by up to 35 percent. The technology is suitable for cabins or other rooms in wellness areas. Our oxygen concentrators are based on a NASA development that is still used today in space travel.


Air purification in its best form. There are places in the world where we feel refreshed! In a sea breeze, in the forest, in the mountains. But even after a thunderstorm or at a waterfall - how wonderfully pure and clear the air is! All these situations have one thing in common: The air we breathe contains negatively ionized oxygen in high concentrations. Negative ions, the "air vitamins", combine in the air with dust, bacteria or odour molecules, most of which are positively charged. These compounds sink to the ground and free the air we breathe from potentially harmful, allergenic particles. In closed rooms, however, the proportion of negative ions is often too low, which can lead to headaches, tiredness, sleep disorders or even depression. Therefore, oxygen ionization treatment can be used at home to alleviate these problems and feel healthy and invigorated.


Like a walk on the ocean - only much more intense! Relax and enjoy the microfine, dry, velvety mist from our high-quality brine solution. Mineral salts control even the tiniest activity in our bodies and regulating these can lead to true wellness. 


Oxygen Ioniser for wellness
Oxygen Ioniser for wellness



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