Sommerhuber Heat Storing Ceramic

To feel the warmth, to experience relaxation, to be able to let yourself escape and leave your daily routine behind – Sommerhuber's basic concept is to associate those unique ideas with the advantages of ceramic radiant heat.

Heat storage ceramic is superior to other ceramic materials. It stores heat and emits the radiated heat directly to the body as opposed to heating the room. It acts in a comforting way on the vegetative nervous system and thus promotes relaxation and vitality. The large surfaces are easy to clean and comply with the highest standards of hygiene. A truly unique concept!
A unique wellness oasis for your spa area. Ideal for therapeutic mud treatments - the ritual art of oriental spa treatment.
Beautiful heated ceramic loungers. Lie back and relax while enjoying the gentle infrared warmth.
Two exclusive ceramic spa designs with velvety-soft surfaces meeting the highest hygiene requirements.
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