Ceramic Lounger

Lounger One Plus

Enjoy total relaxation with Sommerhuber's new ceramic heated Lounger One Plus. Lounger One Plus is characterized by an organic aesthetic, delicate contours and an ideal lying position. Comfortable, ergonomically shaped Heat Storing Ceramics nestle the skin and provide the perfect environment to unwind and relax. Meeting the highest hygiene standards, gentle, long-waved ceramic infrared warmth is an invitation to rest and de-stress.


Sommerhuber Ceramic Loungers

Lounger One Plus uses gentle ceramic radiant heat which has a soothing effect on the body and mind via the autonomic nervous system.

A variable temperature controller allows for a recommended surface temperature of 34°C and the velvety-soft, ceramic surface with only two transverse joints makes the Lounger One Plus easy to clean. It is maintenance-free and can be cleaned using a soft cloth.

An optional USB port can be selected to charge electronic devices. The corpus body and the headrest can be color-coordinated with the glaze.

The electrically heated ceramic surface is available in 15 different glazes and the base can be ordered to match the colour selected.


Sommerhuber White Ceramic Lounger

Sommerhuber Black Ceramic Lounger

Sommerhuber Blue Ceramic Lounger


Lounger Three Plus

Lounger Three plus with its gentle, ceramic, radiant warmth is perfectly suited for reading, sleeping or simply relaxing. The organic, almost floating design ideally nestles the human body and mind with its subtle curves and velvety soft surface. 

This maintenance free lounger is available in 15 different glazes.


Sommerhuber Ceramic Loungers



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