Ironmonger Row Baths

A series of large, spacious thermal rooms were created within a traditional layout in the basement. The installation also features two steam rooms. One, a Hammam style with a centrally heat slab and middle eastern fragrances, the other, a smaller room with fruit fragrances and colour change lighting.


Steam Room



TyloHelo also installed two saunas: A Herb sauna with automatic water and essence infusion, and a lowtemperature, high-humidity Vitality sauna with fresh, seasonal essences. Behind-bench heaters with a feature rock wall and underbench lighting complete the aesthetics in both rooms.


Sauna with Slate Wall

Sauna with Slate Wall

The health suite itself featured a large marble ice bowl, Adventure shower, heated slabs and benches and a traditional hot room with graduated heating. The “pay for play” area included an automated Rasul with steam, dry heat, showers, enhanced with mist, music and light and a Vis-a-vis relaxation tub with sound and pulse modules.



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