South Lodge Hotel & Spa

Tylohelo installed a luxury health suite as part of their stunning new 44,000 sq ft spa development. We delivered on time and in budget the design concepts of Sparc Studios. Our thermal facilities included: Panoramic sauna, Salt steam room, Herbal bath, Rasul, heated bench and foot rests, shower and drench.


Panoramic sauna, Temp: 70-90C, humidity 5-25%

The Panoramic sauna looks out over the outdoor pool into the countryside. The room has Thermo Alder benches, walls and ceiling. The ceiling features undulating "fins" rolling up and over from behind the benches. Regular infusion of water and essence is automatically provided to the stones of the hidden heaters.
Spot lights illuminate between the fins complimented by underbench LED strip lighting.


Herbal bath, Temp: 30-50C, humidity 10-30%

The Herbal bath has automatic infusion of aromas filling the room from the copper tray and the sauna stones below.
The walls and benches have background comfort heating and are lined with a beautiful Caesarstone. Subtle recess and underbench lighting complete the relaxing enviroment.



Salt steam room, Temp 42-47C, humidity 90-100%

Another stunning design with Neo Calacatta marble benches with Domus ceramic wall tiling. Background heating to walls and benches. Aromatic steam fills the room via the Tylohelo wellness system creating an outstanding bather experience. Underbench and recess lighting complete the ambience of the thermal room.



Located on the first floor part of the spa treatment area the Rasul offers a wonderful pay for play experience for couples.
Within the sumptious interior of mosaic and caesarstone ginger the bathers can enjoy a fully automated mud ritual. The program provides steam, drying and wash down with background nusic and coordinated lighting to compliment the phases.

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