Stafford College

Both rooms feature unique TyloHelo equipment and design systems to provide an environment which is attractive and comfortable.The final health suite finishes have the look of a luxury hotel but have been delivered within a strict budget and timeframe.


Main steam room

The internal finish is in a Waxman blend mosaic, gradiating from a chocolate brown colour on the riser and bench to a caramel shade on the ceiling which accentuates the simple lighting effect within the room.


Sauna ceiling detail

The sauna is internally panelled in a blend of heat treated Aspen for a stylish finish. The new Rocher heater has a huge stone capacity which creates comfortable radiant heat throughout the cabin and is excellent for herbal infusion. The design is completed with a fibreoptic starry sky ceiling.


Steam detail

The atmosphere in the steam room is created by the “TyloHelo Wellness System” which combines steam, air and fragrance which safely and effectively fills the room. Low level mechanical extract maintains a regular temperature and humidity at all levels particularly in the seating areas.


Sauna detail

The benches are constructed of a light Aspen with matching apron skirting, plus head and back rests. Subtle corner lights with timber shades enhance the overall lighting effect.

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