Contemporary Sauna and Steam Room

The design brief was for sauna and steam room to coordinate in dark and light shade. The dark slate tile for the steam room was carefully matched in size and design with the smooth blond aspen panel for the sauna.

A special square cut profile for the the sauna panelling was used to provide a continuous form with the seating and the clean lines are further accentuated by the bespoke dropped roof and full perimeter LED lighting. The same design concept was carried through to the steam room but the much darker tile finish means the two rooms offer very different moods and environment.

Aspen Sauna and Slate effect Steam Room

The matching glass fascia with full height doors opens up both rooms giving a view to the surrounding gym area and full wall video screen opposite. 10mm low iron safety glass was used to ensure the cleanest possible appearance for the fascia.

The sauna cabin includes a purpose made LED TV which can withstand sauna temperatures and allows for more personal viewing.

TyloHelo’s unique pikku tonttu sauna heater which has “cool wall” technology and a huge rock store was neatly integrated into the benching blending with the contemporary style and allowing for multi climate sauna.

Helo Pikkutonttu Sauna Heater

 Blond aspen timber is ideal for sauna being light, knot free and low conductive so remaining cool in the heat. Shadow gap lighting, with hidden heat proof LED strips, provides excellent muted illumination creating a relaxing atmosphere.


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