TyloHelo's comprehensive range of sauna cabins embraces all the styles and environments you could wish for. From easy to assemble DIY cabins that clip together and plug-in, through to designer and bespoke sauna cabins.


Tylo Sauna
From our standard Finnish Sauna cabins to a truly bespoke creation to meet your precise design requirements why not explore what TyloHelo do best!
Ringo Black Helo Sauna Heater
Quality craftsmanship is the signature of genuine TyloHelo Sauna heaters. From electric to wood burning models there is an option for every taste and sauna room.
Aspen Sauna with Helo Heater
Adding glazing to your sauna will provide a more open environment and, particularly in the case of shallower models, give a greater impression of space. 
Bronze tinted sauna door
TyloHelo offers sauna doors, with or without threshold, in glass or wood and in a number of sizes.
Everready sauna heater and ladle
Personalise your Sauna experience by designing your ideal interior layout. Choose from standard interior designs and luxury upgrades or let TyloHelo realise your vision with a completely bespoke interior creation.
Thermo Aspen Sauna with Helo Heaters
Sauna lighting can be used to widen the bathing experience and create different moods; from muted and relaxing to colourful and invigorating.
Sauna Essences
Adding aromatherapy to your sauna can greatly enhance the enjoyment and relaxation of this type of bathing. With a wide choice of fragrance from the traditional pine and menthol to more exotic fruit and floral based scents, you can vary the effect from relaxing to invigorating.
Sauna pail and ladle
All TyloHelo saunas come complete with a range of standard accessories or why not upgrade to the latest designer accessory range developed in collaboration with Paola Garatto.
Sauna television
Add another dimension to complete your sauna experience with any of these optional entertainment extras. Unwind whilst listening to your favourite music or lay back and relax with TyloHelo's television system.


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