Sauna Accessories

This new series has been developed in collaboration with Italian designer, Paola Garatto. The beautiful diagonal shape is inspired by waves of water. It includes bucket, ladle, thermometer, hygrometer and hourglass and is offered in modern Matt Black or glamorous Silver Grey. It features aluminium which is anodised and sand-blasted for a real quality finish and longevity. The handle on the bucket is light birch, reinforced with aspen for strength.

In addition to the stylish design, the bucket has a clever functional spout to enable more accurate pouring of water – ideal for filling the water tank on Helo Combi heaters. 

Tip: If you have darker timber in your sauna, you can treat the wooden parts with oil or sauna wax to match the sauna finish.


Sauna accessories with Pail and Ladle


Meet the Designer, Paola Garrato 


Paola Garatto designed the Brilliant sauna accessory series in collaboration with TylöHelo. Sometimes, traditional sauna products do not fit well with the modern home sauna or luxurious spa. In response, Garatto created elegant sauna accessories which bring beauty to a variety of sauna interiors. 


The concept reflects TylöHelo’s company principles, combined with modern Nordic aesthetic features. The materials chosen combine practicality with beautiful design – a great complement to the environment and enhancement to the sauna experience.

Paola Garatto is a Venice-born Freelance Designer based in Helsinki and Venice, working in
multidisciplinary design projects. Her work represents the principles and values of industrial design
channelled into fashion statements. She takes inspiration from high-quality Italian craftsmanship, blended with the progressive Nordic design aesthetics and values.


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