Steam Essences

Adding aromatherapy to your steam room can greatly enhance the enjoyment and relaxation of this type of bathing. With a wide choice of fragrance from the traditional pine and menthol to more exotic fruit and floral based scents, you can vary the effect from relaxing to invigorating. In particular, in conjunction with colour light therapy.




TyloHelo offers a standard essence package which includes 4 of our most popular fragrances in one box. The TyloHelo comfort flo steam outlet head features a small recess on top where essential oils can be placed in order to infuse the steam with a chosen aroma.


A wider choice of fragrances are available upon request.

TyloHelo Steam Essences


Automatic Essence Injection


Why not upgrade to an automatic essence injection system and sit back and relax while your favourite scent automatically infuses your surroundings for the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. 


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