Feature Outlets

The Steam Outlet enables steam to enter your steam room. The first considerations when choosing a position for the steam outlet are safety and efficiency. The steam outlet is usually fitted 300-400mm from the floor and designed to provide an even spread of steam throughout the room. Our standard Comfort Flo Outlet is offered in a variety of plated finishes to suit surrounding decor and features a small recess on top where essential oils can be placed in order to infuse the steam with a chosen aroma. 


Comfort Flo Steam Outlet Head

The best way to deliver steam is into a safe "channel" where the localised extreme heat can be contained. TyloHelo's standard steam outlet - Comfort Flo - is designed to deliver the steam jet directly to the tiled surface, reducing the force and allowing the mist to rise naturally and heat the room uniformly.

In some designs a feature outlet, which may include crystal decoration or special lighting, may be desired. In such instances TyloHelo can make the necessary modifications, including additional ventilation and extraction, to ensure this more exposed steam delivery is safe for the bather. 


See our Gallery of beautiful Feature Outlets below.


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