Steam Lighting

In addition to TyloHelo's efficient and long life downlights, available in diachroic or LED form, you may wish to enhance your steam room with the use of mood lighting. By far the most reliable form of lighting in these extreme conditions is fibre optic. In this system, the 100W bulb is contained in a driver sited safely outside the steam area and light delivered to the room via highly efficient fibre tails. In Turkish bath environment, our Night Sky system is the most popular creating the effect of stars in the sky on a balmy night. The light lenses are cleverly concealed within the tile grout and therefore unseen.

For those who like colour light therapy, a colour changing system now adds the sophistication of a key fob remote which allows any chosen colour to be held to suit the mood. TyloHelo also offers LED light strips to provide full perimeter lighting beneath the bench front - a smooth and subtle way to illuminate the room.


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