Wall Lining


Timber Panelling

TyloHelo only uses high quality Scandinavian or northern climate wood. Trees from the far north grow much slower because of the extreme climate, increasing their density. This makes them much better at withstanding the wide daily temperature and humidity fluctuations of your sauna. Our ancestors knew this, which is why they chose solid northern wood as the only construction material for their saunas inside and out. Choose from Standard Spruce, Hemlock, Clear Pine, Red Cedar, Aspen, Alder, Thermo treated Aspen, Brushed wood or Rustic Kelo.



Taika Panels

The Taika sauna interior panels for walls and ceilings will create a stylish and modern look for your sauna room. They are made of certified Birch plywood and can be had in colour options black, grey, brown and untreated. The panels are tongued and grooved on both sides. Can be purchased by the piece.


Sauna Boards

TyloHelo uses only the best sauna board supplier, Grabner, specialists in the procurement of particularly high-quality woods, slates and veneers from all over the world. Use in sections or in one single panel for a feature wall up to the size of 2390 x 1190 x 16 mm.




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